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Sorry about this

2011-02-04 01:11:00 by awesomesonic99

I just recently got into programming so there will be a big hold up on super mario dressup game
I am especialy sorry to jac16king because i know he really wanted to see this com out. My 2d version of zelda ocarina of time will probably come out first. again im sorry about this drawback

Sonic's Son

2010-12-30 01:14:59 by awesomesonic99

I am thinking about making a sonic flash and i wanna know
If sonic were to have a son, What do you think his name should be?
There are no right or wrong answers i just want some ideas

Back on board

2010-11-15 19:09:50 by awesomesonic99

Hey what up i am back on good ol NG with a new game about to hit the air. everyone liked the original mario dressup i made whell im makin a second one with many more dressup options and a secret character release updates to come

Sonic annihilation 2

2010-10-06 18:43:14 by awesomesonic99

okay i know what you all are thinking where is super mario dressup. well i found SA2 and that takes presidence. so far we have one crew member on board for teh cast if you would like to join than checout my bbs posts if you would like to see your name on the credits than tell me so if you would like to ask me a question about the upcoming movie or the previous just ask i will update this feed every day

Sonic annihilation 2

COMMING EITHER 2 MOROW 2 DAY OR 2 DAYS FROM NOW! special thanks to the winner of the contest for a mr M! costume ooohhh exciting! as most of you may know its called super mario BROS so i will be including luigi another secret character who you have to locate on your own any one who uses R-C play is lame so dont do taht. on another note i am back on gaia pm me if you want me to add you as a friend or you have a tektek avi contest i own at those dont forget my forums and i do have something posted on the ngforums regarding sonic annihilation 2 when something unforgivable happens and old friends meet and betray... i do have a youtube acount nothing posted yet but checout the people who i subscribed to hasnt made anything since apr 2010 thank you for taking your time to read this you are a good person

Store form

2010-08-08 19:53:39 by awesomesonic99

okay i made some new products and in order to buy them you need to fill out this form. yes i know it sucks but my new products the oposite of suck! if you would like to perchase one of these products simply copy paste this form in a comment and post it. currently i only have one product but as i get mor i will show thos to


Color scheme:
sleeve text: (optional)
shipping: (1 or 2 week 2 is free)

price adress and paypall stuf is sent sepratly

Store form

My real age

2010-08-08 19:26:34 by awesomesonic99

Sorry about my age thing saying im 31 years old no im only 21 ive been randomly changing my age and then i decided to put my reall age and made a typo and forgot to fix that hope that cleared everything up for ya

my computer totally crashed so i couldnt update it. but we has a winner of teh contest!

and the winner is.................................jac 16king!

he guessed the number: 50!]
the real number is 84 so since he is the only person who didnt go over he wiiiiiinnnnnsssss!]

Conjorbolations jac16king!

Im having a contest!

2010-07-09 18:42:33 by awesomesonic99

Okay this contest is going to be really awesome, as most of you might know i am making a new improved versi9on of super mario dressup game with an extra secret character! well this contest is going to be a contest of luck. the winner will get 2 things. first of all the winner will get to create 1 costume for the dress up game. that means they will get to make a hat shirt overalls and shoes, and if you want instead of that you can make a full suit sort of liek the propeller suit in my game, or an accessory like the ng tank. in addition to that you get the better home computer version for your verey own computer. entering is free and easy! the contest is i am going to guess a number between1 and 100 and the person who geuesses closest to the number i was thinking will win. the number will be announced along with the winner on august 1st! send to in a pm or email what your guess is.
my email is

all right

2010-06-28 14:24:55 by awesomesonic99

i hasing a contest! since i cant comeup with flash icons for super mario dress up game! sonic nintendo dressup sonic annihilation v1 and sonic annihilation v2 (and cause i dont want to) i am making a contest for it. the winner will get there icon used for the selected swf.

the pic must be in the form of a: jpg, png, gif.
the pic must have something to do with the actuall swf
the pic must be 140px by 90px
the pic must be e rated so no adult crap or crap like that. my shows and games are made for everyone to play.
the pic will not be chosen if you just took some crappy jpeg from google and made it real huge so only sonics face shows on the pic because then the pic is all pixely and that is crappy. an example is included.

either post the submission in a comment or send in a pm.
if you dont have a newgrounds account you are not excluded. email it to my instead at

hoping to see some winners in this contest! ~AS99

all right