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New Super Bros Mario Dress Up Game!

2010-05-29 17:20:48 by awesomesonic99

Hey all awesomesonic99 Fans! Being released on Memorial day 2010 Is a new improved version of super mario dress up game! In this up date you can dress up not only Mario but also LUIGI And a bonus character if you know the answer to a question located on someones dress up screen! Speacial thanks to IceFire23. Oh and b.t.w. uh I shall no longer be known as AWESOMESONIC99 because if I ever have any hopes of selling T-shirts with me on them i cant say AWESOMESONIC99 because it totally says SONIC right in the middle and my logo currently is Awesome face turnd into SONIC so thats illeagal.
AnyWho my new identidy is AS99


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2010-05-29 17:23:19

well sorry about the t-shirts.

I'm glad you thought about the "Bonus" character from our earlier conversation.

the only thing is...i just hope i can find them.

awesomesonic99 responds:

I can tell you later in a pm if you want


2010-05-29 21:17:41

sure PM me.