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Entry #20

Sorry about this

2011-02-04 01:11:00 by awesomesonic99

I just recently got into programming so there will be a big hold up on super mario dressup game
I am especialy sorry to jac16king because i know he really wanted to see this com out. My 2d version of zelda ocarina of time will probably come out first. again im sorry about this drawback


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2011-02-05 09:17:23

uh it ok i can wait until one more month or year ...

awesomesonic99 responds:

I sense sarcasim


2011-02-08 16:54:25

just tell me when it might might come?

awesomesonic99 responds:

send me your email in an im and Ill email u the game as it is I just need to add in the secret caracter and it will be done


2011-02-13 17:47:43

i forgot my email password -.-